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How many times have you watched those around you fulfilling their dreams, finding love, crushing their career goals, and wondered – why don’t I feel that way?

Maybe from the outside your life looks okay, but inside you’re struggling to find meaning. You are stuck, and everything has ground to a halt.

You’ve lost your way – if only you had half the passion everyone else seems to feel.

What if I told you there is a way to find that spark again, not just in love, but in all aspects of your life?

All that effort you’re making to mold your life into something that looks the same as others? That’s taking the energy AWAY from your own life, and causing you to feel stuck.

There is a simple way to refocus that energy and propel you into the life that YOU want.

The secret to launching a life you love is to transform your relationship with yourself first

Matthew Hussey speaking and holding microphone

Hi, I’m Matthew Hussey,

and for the past 15 years I’ve helped millions of people find the passion to pursue the life they want.

As the leading dating authority and confidence coach for women, I’ve helped millions get the life of their dreams through my New York Times bestselling book, sold-out live seminars, and step-by-step online coaching and training videos.

At my in-person Retreats, both Live and Virtual, I’ve taken thousands of people through a fully immersive process to transform every aspect of not just their lifestyle, but their mindset, relationships, emotional well-being and core confidence too.

I’ve been featured on:

Because comparing yourself to others and basing your goals on their life is keeping you stuck on a treadmill . . .

. . . when instead, you could be using that energy to sprint forward into the life you deserve and that’s right for you

Launch Yourself Into the Life You Want

starting today


The Matthew Hussey Virtual Retreat

You are worthy of the best in life...

. . . even if you've never felt this way before, I will help you transform your life during our 3 days together.

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“There aren't enough words to describe what Matthew Hussey's Retreat did for me. I was at a point in my life where I felt stuck. Stuck inside my comfort zone and didn't know how to get out. Matthew’s Retreat didn't just change my life, it gave me life again.”
- Valerie D.
“I attended the Virtual Retreat in March 2021 which has helped me to release past pain and look forward to my future. I feel more confident about communicating my needs in relationships and it has also helped me in trying to shed people-pleasing tendencies. I am able to reframe negative thoughts more quickly. I have more resilience in dating and more faith in abundance rather than adopting a scarcity mindset.”
- Navneet J.
“One of the best decisions I ever made was to go to the MH Retreat. Developing deep self love and core confidence is a journey which probably never really ends. I learned a lot about myself and am using all of these extremely effective practical tools and I am becoming the person who I want to be. So if you are ready to enter this new world of trusting, respecting and loving yourself: start with the MH Retreat because this is a real game changer.”
- Dora Kovacs

Over the course of
3 immersive days together

November 11 - 13, 2022

you'll experience

Daily LIVE coaching with me

Life-changing visualizations

In-depth Q&A sessions with me

Daily light workouts with professional fitness coaches to kickstart your health goals

Discover the secret to being happy every day, regardless of your circumstances

Powerful gratitude meditation sessions led by my brother, Stephen

Nightly LIVE magical experiences and celebrations


  • A live preparation kick-off call prior to the Retreat

  • A very special welcome gift

  • 2 weeks of UNLIMITED access to the event recordings

  • A comprehensive “Cheat-Sheet” FILLED with notes from the event

  • A private Facebook community where you will meet and keep FRIENDS for life from this experience

As well as:

2 essential tools that you can use to achieve anything you want:

1. A Blueprint For Your Ideal Life

2. The Core Confidence to Take Action and Create It

Ready To

Make the leap

To Your Best Life?

Talk to a Retreat Specialist today about making it happen!


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The Lives I've


The feedback from my last two Virtual Retreats has been nothing short of incredible. Hear what some of my recent graduates are saying about the program.

Terry's Virtual Retreat Story

“After my divorce from a 31 year marriage I was lost. Thanks to the Virtual Retreat I know that I have the tools to rebuild my life and to discover who I am and what I want out of it.”

Watch Video

Liz's Virtual Retreat Story

“I had gotten to a point in my life where I was stuck and I wasn’t quite sure how to get myself out of it. Now a month on from the event I feel so much more confident and open to new opportunities.” Watch Video

Poppy's Virtual Retreat Story

“I was struggling to get over my breakup. I was seeing a therapist, a breakup coach, spiritual healers, hypnotists and none of it worked. Now thanks to the Virtual Retreat I’ve never been happier. The 1% shifts have become big changes.”

Watch Video

Leena's Virtual Retreat Story

“It had everything I needed to hear. I was surprised how much I could feel the love and passion from the team and community. The love and support is really precious and the friendships that I’ve made out of this Retreat mean the world to me.”

Watch Video

Anna’s Virtual Retreat Story

“What surprised me the most was how quickly it worked. It wasn’t days later, I felt lighter, more confident and freer seconds after tasks on the Virtual Retreat. I feel more dynamic and fun again. It’s been such a benefit to me and my family. Thank you so much.”

Watch Video

Kalpana's Virtual Retreat Story

“The experience was beyond. Everything and more. It didn’t even feel like a Virtual Retreat. I just felt like I was right there in the room with you. This opened up new doors for me that I’m not able to shut and I just love it. This was exactly what I needed.”

Watch Video

What would you tell someone considering the Matthew Hussey Retreat?

$100 off during the Summer Self-Care Special!

Claim your place on the Virtual Retreat November 11 - 13 2022

Receive These Incredible Bonuses As A Reward For Taking Action in July

July Bonus:
Summer Self-Care Special

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To reward you for committing to making an incredible transformation to your life this year, I’m giving you $100 off the regular ticket price.



This month only - $695

And 3 Other Amazing Bonuses To Kickstart Your Growth NOW

Bonus #1: Instant Access to my Masterclass “My Daily Momentum Formula”

I believe that a great life is just a collection of great days, so I’m going to literally walk you through my daily formula for organization, structure and time management to show you how I get the most out of my time AND myself.

Bonus #2: Receive a Private Invitation to "Momentum Week"

Join me for this week-long series of 1 hour momentum sessions in August that will kickstart your second half of 2022 in preparation for the Virtual Retreat. It’s the ultimate accountability system for working on our goals together and avoiding procrastination.

Bonus #3: An Exclusive Live Virtual Retreat Preparation Q&A

In addition to “Momentum Week”, you’ll also be invited to a bonus Q&A prior to the Virtual Retreat where you’ll get a chance to bring me your questions and reasons for joining the program.


A special live preparation Kickstart call prior to the Retreat

A very special welcome gift from me

2 weeks of UNLIMITED access to the event recordings

A comprehensive "Cheat-Sheet" FILLED with notes from the event

A private Facebook community where you will meet and keep FRIENDS for life from this experience

PLUS, you’ll receive any additional bonuses we release from now until the Virtual Retreat!

Summer Self-Care Special expires at midnight PT on August 7th, 2022

Are You Ready To

Invest in Yourself

This Year?

I have a hand-picked team of incredible Retreat Specialists who speak on the phone with every one of my Retreat applicants.

They are ready to hear your story, talk you through the Virtual Retreat and answer any questions you may have. I can promise that the call itself will be worthwhile to help you clarify your goals and identify your current desires for change . . .

Take the first step - set up a call with one of my Retreat Specialist today!


Don’t miss the Summer Self-Care Special - $100 off this month only

“After attending the Virtual Retreat... My life changed completely. I finally have the courage to follow my dreams, transform my life and live the life I was always dreaming about. It is a long journey but at least I know what I have to do now. In my love life, I'm still searching for 'THE ONE' but with everything I learned from Matthew I see dating from a completely new perspective.”
- Jana A.
“The Retreat is an experience that I would recommend to any person that is struggling with their self-image and self-esteem. It changed my belief system at a deep level and helped me to reframe old wounds. Three months after the Retreat I began new work in a top industry where I am developing, growing and feeling appreciated. If you want a change in your life and have a better relationship with yourself then I encourage you to apply for the program, because it is really worth it”
- Ana C.

Do You Still Have Questions?
I Have Answers.

A: This immersive 3-day event will be happening over the weekend of November 11 – 13, 2022

A: I’ll be using the platform Hopin for the event. You’ll receive an email with all the instructions to create your free account after confirming your place. All you need to do is join from a compatible browser (Chrome and Firefox work best) and make sure you have a stable internet connection available.

A: Until midnight PT on August 7th, 2022, I’m offering a $100 discount to those of you who are ready to commit to making a transformation to your life this year! After that, the price increases to the regular $795, so don’t delay!

A: If you absolutely have to, then yes the livestream will work just fine on your phone, but I recommend you connect to the largest screen you have available in order to maximize the experience. TV is best, but a laptop or tablet would work great too.

A: This 3-day event is streamed completely live, however the recordings will be made available for unlimited access for 2 weeks after. This gives you an incredible opportunity to repeat any part of the process, make more extensive notes and ensure you don’t miss a thing.

A: Not only will there be the opportunity to go live during the Q&A within each of the daily sessions, but you’ll also have the opportunity to feed in your questions via the live chat function too.

A: Of course. The Matthew Hussey Virtual Retreat brings together extraordinary people from all over the world with a burning desire to transform their lives from the inside out. I encourage you to connect during the program via the live chat function, but you’ll also be invited to join the private Facebook group so that you can stay in touch with your new tribe and support one another in the months that follow.

A: Absolutely, this program is designed to guide you through a proven process where you leave having put the work in. This isn’t about sitting back and simply listening, you’ll be actively participating in different journaling exercises, Q&A sessions and powerful visualizations. You’ll not just leave the event with a completely different mindset and confidence, but also an actionable Blueprint for the next chapter of your life.

A: You’ll be speaking with one of my Retreat Specialists, Emma, Michael and Lottie. These are some of my most trusted people and I can’t wait for you to speak with them. They’ve been working with me on this process for years and are on hand to hear your story. I promise, whatever the outcome, you’ll take value from the time you spend speaking with them.

A: I’ve spent years refining this process and it’s designed to go deep (often deeper than people are even expecting) into the core of who you truly want to be, which is why I have my team take people through this immersive experience personally. They’ll be able to share more with you about the transformative process, answer your questions and help you decide if the program is a good fit for you.

A: This is so much more than just a consultation, your call with one of my incredible specialist mentors will help you get clarity on your goals, the obstacles you want to overcome, and your direction for your future. This is your chance to open up and fully express your current frustrations and desires for change with my amazing Retreat Team.

A: Yes, your consultation with your Retreat Specialist is completely free of charge. Just be sure to enter your timezone and country dialing code correctly when making your appointment. Alternatively they can contact you via Skype or WhatsApp if you’d prefer to use an internet based calling service.

A: The regular ticket price for the Virtual Retreat is $795, but if you commit to your place before midnight PT on August 7th, 2022, I offer a $100 discount, so the ticket price is only $695.

You can stay stuck,

Or You Can Launch The Life

You'll Love

“Don’t wait a moment longer, claim your place on the November 11 – 13 2022 Virtual Retreat now and lock in your personal growth for 2022 and beyond.

Not only will we have the most incredible 3 days together, but committing to this now will mean you know you’re carving out time to make yourself a priority and ignite that passion within.”


Don’t miss the Summer Self-Care Special - $100 off this month

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