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The Momentum Texts

67 Counter-Intuitive Texts That Lead to REAL Relationships (and the Surprising Psychology Behind Why They Work)

If you’re sick and tired of texting that goes nowhere (or simply tired of texting altogether), this is the solution you’ve been waiting for. You get 67 customizable text messages you can use in the delicate early dating stages so you can stop having fruitless ‘interactions,’ get off your phone and into a real relationship. Each message is designed to create momentum with a new connection, build momentum in an existing relationship, or regain momentum if it goes cold.

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How to Talk to Men

59 Secret Scripts to Melt His Heart,
Unlock What He’s Thinking, and Make
Him Want to Be With You

Wouldn’t it be a relief to confidently talk to a guy you like without having to agonize over every word or text? Now you can. My bestselling communication guide, How to Talk to Men, gives you 59 practical, customizable scripts that you can use in every situation — from flirting, to first dates, to texting and beyond — so you can communicate with ease and enjoy the effortlessly happy relationship you deserve.