A Love.LiFe Member Exclusive Event

Red Flags



Learn how to spot and AVOID red flags in people you’re dating before it’s too late.

A Love.Life VIP Exclusive Event

June 8th
11AM PT | 2PM ET | 7PM UK

Top 5 RED FLAGS to watch out for

and how to spot them

A 2-hour training for my Love Life Club

We have an exciting event coming up at the beginning of June for our Love Life Club . . .

A few months ago, I held a two-hour Red Flags Masterclass. This subject was requested by so many of you and I worked really hard on making it one of my most insightful, practical, and eye-opening Masterclasses . . .

. . . so much so that I’ve decided to hold our first-ever COMMUNITY EVENT in the form of a private screening of the Red Flags Masterclass.

This will be available to all my Love Life members on:

Wednesday, June 8th, at 11 a.m. Pacific / 2 p.m. Eastern / 7 p.m. UK.

This Masterclass has only aired once before to my members, and it was so powerful for everyone who attended that I considered launching it as a new independent product available for purchase. However, I decided against this, as I felt it would be more valuable to keep it in the Love Life community.

This screening will be an amazing opportunity to connect with each other, watch the Masterclass, and learn how to spot and AVOID red flags in people you’re dating before it’s too late. 

And for those of you who attended the Masterclass back in November, it is just as important that you attend this one, as there will definitely be pieces of the content that will resonate with you differently the second time around. I always say, being repeatedly exposed to important concepts like the ones in this Masterclass is the best way to fully connect with them and apply them to your life. 

So grab your popcorn and I’ll see you on June 8th!

In this 2-Hour Masterclass
Together We'll Cover:

The top 5 red flags to watch out for, and how to spot them while it’s still easy to walk away with your time—and your heart—intact.

3 simple questions you can ask YOURSELF to identify red flags in the person you’re dating. (These questions are going to help you start trusting your own instincts again.)

Knowing the difference between when he’s genuinely in the wrong, or your insecurities are getting in the way of having a healthy relationship. I’ll show you how to identify the difference between your anxieties and actual red flags so you don’t make the mistake of sabotaging a potentially great relationship before it’s even had a chance to start.