MH Members Pass

Exclusive For Retreat Graduates…

The MH Members Pass

–Attendance to any and all MH events for the next 12 months.

How incredible would it be to do a Retreat once a year? To re-energise and re-focus in a way that allows you to sustain the energy and drive that you first went away with from the programmes.

As you grow and as you develop, although you would have heard much of the material on the programmes the first time around, the material will hit you on a completely different level, and will accelerate your development ten-fold. If you’ve ever read a book for the second time and had different parts of it resonate with you, you’ll know what we mean by this.

One of the greatest things for learning and development in life is repetition; hearing something again and again until we have truly ingrained it.

The MH Members Pass is the culmination of everything we teach, and covers each aspect of our formula for success; your Roadmap, Accountability, Mentors, and Peer Group.

With the pass you will be getting access to…

  • Any and all Retreat programmes in 2013
  • Any and all Women’s Weekends in the next 12 months
  • 4 conference calls to set goals, track progress, and keep you held accountable. (All calls will be recorded for future viewing / in the event you can’t make it) (Click here to read more about what's planned on each).


    In order to make these calls as effective as possible, rather than spacing them evenly throughout the year, we’ve chosen what we think of as ‘pressure-points’ for the year; the make-or-break moments that can determine the success we go on to have, or that kill our momentum and don’t allow us to even make it out of the blocks. It’s funny that our success and state of mind can be determined by the date on the calendar, but in our years of coaching it’s been shown to be true again and again, which is why we’ve always worked with this in mind.

    Here are the dates we’ve chosen to ensure the most fruitful year ever, and an agenda for each of the calls you’ll be joining us on:

    January – The Year Plan
    -Creating an ultimate blueprint for the year
    -Setting three-month checkpoints and challenges
    -Getting excited and purposeful about the year ahead, and cementing the resolutions you’ve laid out for yourself

    April – The Three-Month Check-In
    -Measuring and tracking your progress on annual goals
    -Re-focusing and retargeting your goals (which often prove to be moving targets)
    -Adapting your strategy where necessary with creative, new approaches, and brainstorming ways of overcoming roadblocks and obstacles

    September – The Home Stretch
    -Re-energising your mind and emotions to ensure you finish the year in style, and keep your foot on the gas pedal
    -A discussion of year-end goals and cementing the necessary rituals to accomplish them
    -A look at how to make the year as rewarding, fulfilling, and memorable as possible

    December – The Annual Review
    -Analysis of the year; what went well, the lessons learned, and a celebration of everything that you’ve accomplished
    -Getting a head start on the next year by thinking ahead with your vision, resolutions, and targets for 2014
    -Creating a plan to keep you on track over the holidays to ensure that you go into the year ready to rock, and revved up and raring to go in 5th gear

  • An exclusive peer group of MH ‘high flyers’ to keep you working towards your goals, and becoming the ultimate you throughout the twelve months

This is essentially a VIP pass to all of our live programmes – or as we like to think of it, your personal development for the year covered!

In signing up, you can relax in the knowledge that you’re going to be growing full-force in every area, that you’ll be held accountable at every level, and that you’re going to be more motivated and more driven than you’ve ever been before.

As stated in the video, the price for the pass is just £995, and the passes will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis for the first 20 people who make it in time to book on.

Keeping this limit is extremely important to us in order to keep us together as tight-knit group. Once the 20 passes are gone, they’re gone until the next wave arrive.

To sign up, all you need to do today is put down a £300 deposit to secure your place. A member of the team will then call to confirm your place and arrange for the balance to be collected, or for a flexible payment plan ahead of the first event or call that you attend.


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