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with Justin Baldoni

Learn about masculinity, what is expected of men and the impact it has on how they date, enter relationships, and view themselves in relation to their partners . . .

A Love Life Club Member Exclusive Interview with Justin Baldoni

Wednesday, December 7th

11AM PT | 2PM ET | 7PM UK

It can be hard to enter the dating world doing the best you can to represent yourself authentically, and being met with certain types of masculinity.

Men are bombarded with messages about how they should show up in the world and what’s expected of them.

Unrealistic expectations of what a man should be and what he should want shows up everywhere in dating.

If you’re tired of constantly dealing with negative behaviors from men, let’s talk about how we can identify it so we can spot these behavioral red flags and steer away from them early on

It’s an honor to have Justin Baldoni as a guest

Justin Baldoni is an author, filmmaker and changemaker whose efforts are focused on impactful media and entertainment. He’s well-known for his starring role as “Rafael” on the CW’s Jane the Virgin, but since that time has moved more behind the camera with such films as Clouds and Five Feet Apart among his directing and producing credits.

Justin also hosts a Webby-nominated weekly podcast, The Man Enough Podcast, which investigates the nuances of masculinity.
In 2021, he added author to his credits having penned his inaugural book Man Enough: Undefining My Masculinity and in October 2022, his new book, Boys Will Be Human, became a New York Times bestseller. Both look to change the way we all view gender roles, by embracing our feelings, and acknowledging emotions to become more evolved humans.

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Wednesday, December 7

11 AM PT | 2 PM ET | 7 PM UK


Understanding men and how they think about love

The toxic masculine traits women are often drawn toward

The difference between masculine and feminine energy and the role they play in dating

How to spot unhealthy versions of masculinity

How to steer toward positive masculinity

The patterns in yourself that cause you to gravitate to the wrong type of men

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