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Struggling with being

Happily Single?

Learn how to not settle in your love life and be confident AND happy when you’re single . . .

A Love Life Club Member Exclusive Interview with Judge Faith Jenkins

Wednesday, August 17th
11AM PT | 2PM ET | 7PM UK


Do you sometimes worry you won’t meet your ‘right’ person?

When we’re looking for love, the uncertainty of it all can be overwhelming.
As each month and year passes, it can really feel like all the good ones are taken. 

Our instincts tell us to find the first semi-suitable person and jump into a relationship
with them, but making decisions from a place of fear rarely ends well.





And feeling less and less confident Mr. Right is out there—so why bother waiting?


Trying your best to make yourself sound like the girl everyone wants to swipe right on, even if it isn’t really you


Who seem to be walking into relationships with ease, and always able to pick out the right guy in a crowded room

This is exactly why I’ve invited Judge Faith Jenkins for an exclusive conversation, only available for my Love Life Club members.

We’ll be going over the practical and simple ways to avoid the risk of settling on a relationship you don’t want, and learn how to thrive while being single.

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It’s an honor to have Judge Faith as a guest

Faith Jenkins is an attorney, legal commentator, and TV personality. You may even know her as the host of Divorce Court, a popular TV show where she resolves relationship disputes.

Faith chose NOT to settle in her love life—after all, she’s witnessed hundreds of divorces as both an attorney and judge.

She has a deep understanding of why relationships fail and the warning signs you can watch out for in your budding relationship. She will also be sharing her story which comes as a message of hope: Two years ago she married her musician husband . . . something that happened in her forties.

This EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW will be available to all my Love Life CLUB members on:

Wednesday, August 17th, at 11 a.m. Pacific / 2 p.m. Eastern / 7 p.m. UK.


Faith’s story of finding love in her 40s

The many reasons relationships fail and the warning signs you can watch for in a budding relationship

The practical steps to take dating decisions from a place of confidence and not fear

The ways you can thrive in your single life while still being open to dating the right people

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