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Matthew Hussey – Live Tour

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Sat, Oct 19, 2019
Manila, Philippines
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Exciting news! My team and I just confirmed my first live tour events of 2019. Which means we get to see each other… in person! YAY! I’d love for you to come out and share a couple of hours with me.

As you know, I make videos every week, but it’s just not the same. There’s no audience, and I get stuck with my video director Jameson Jordan and his bad jokes for hours on end.

And anyway, I have a fun topic for this speech that is perfect for you if you’re single, or in a relationship, or just over this dating bullsh*t altogether… because my talk is going to be on:

The Love Myths – The BS we’ve been told about dating and relationships, and the true principles that lead to lasting love.

A lot of the “common wisdom” we follow in our love lives is just plain bad. So often when we “follow our instincts” we wake up one day to find our instincts have betrayed us and our hearts have been broken. Too many people feel just completely burned out by love not working out for them…

Well, I believe this talk will offer you a safe place to reside for a couple of hours, my weary love traveler. I’m interested in discussing the real, hard-won love lessons that are often counterintuitive but inspire a more grounded and believable sense of hope and progress than the cliches we are consistently fed.

I’ll also try to leave a little room for Q+A, too, so you can fire some of your toughest questions at me.

Whether you’ve just found out about me, or known me since way back when I was just a simple pasty British kid making videos on park benches in London, you’re going to take something valuable from this.

And I know… leaving the house can be a chore. Who REALLY wants to go DO something? But come now. Leaving Netflix hanging for an evening can be good. Being around people can be good. Seeing me live instead of on a small window on your laptop can be good. Don’t do anything for the rest of the month if you don’t want to, but come join me and a little local community of people in your city for an evening. I promise I won’t make you go on any dates or anything.

Bring your single friend who needs it more than you but won’t admit it. Bring your family. Bring your co-workers. Bring any one you whose life you care about and want to be happy!

Expect spontaneous, raw and honest conversations about love, dating, your life and your confidence. How many nights out actually make your life better? This one will.

So get a ticket here and come, you delightful human!

I’ll see you soon!

Your coach,
Matt xx