6 Magical Days.
A Lifetime of Change.

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The Matthew Hussey Live
Retreat is my invitation-only,
life changing 6-day event from May 30th to June 5th

The Retreat brings together extraordinary women like you from all over the world with a burning desire to transform their lives from the inside out.

Personally led by me, alongside my team of hand-picked expert trainers, my Retreat takes place in a luxurious resort in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Live Retreat

Live Retreat

May 30th to June 5th

May 30th to June 5th

At your Retreat I will guide you through a process that ultimately ensures you leave with the two essential tools you can use every day to achieve absolutely anything you want:


Your Personal Blueprint For Your Ideal Life


The Core Confidence That Enables You To Take Action And Create It

Here are the strategies we’ll use to get you there:

…Even if you’ve never felt this way before, I will help you get to this place during our 6 days together.

No more looking for outside validation, no more telling yourself you’ll be “good enough” when you lose 10 pounds or find Mr. Right or get that promotion or whatever the next milestone is…

…you will walk away from the Retreat knowing, at your core, that you are enough, exactly as you are.

Here’s How We’ll Transform Your Life in 6 Days Together


The night before your Retreat officially begins,
you’re invited to a secret, magical party (sorry, no spoilers!) where you’ll meet me and my amazing team of trainers and connect with the other incredible women who are about to become your new support system.

You’ll want to get some good sleep that night because the next day your coaching begins…


You know you want a more fulfilling life, but what exactly does that look like?

On our first day together, we’ll help you get to the bottom of what you really want (what that is might surprise you). You’ll smash through your fear of making mistakes, and set clear, specific, actionable goals driven by a strong emotional connection.


Happiness can be a constant state – when you know how to create it.

On Day 2 I’ll help you establish your personal wish list for happiness and create life-changing habits that will consistently move you toward achieving your goals.

If you struggle with lack of self-discipline or willpower, I have good news for you on Day 2…Together, we’ll not only put your new strategic habits into place, we’ll instill the emotional drive for you to follow through on them…every single day.

And this is not just a logical process. On Day 2 we’ll take you on an emotional journey, culminating in an inexplicably powerful finale that is nothing short of life-changing.


Most of us live our lives controlled by our emotions. Now imagine how powerful you will become once you learn how you can control your emotions.

On Day 3 you’ll learn how to create energy and passion to accomplish the things you want most in life. No more struggling with your heart fighting your head; You’ll discover how to get your emotion and logic to work together to make your dreams a reality.

We’ll also hone practical skills like time management, focus, dealing with stress, handling setbacks, and overcoming procrastination, perfectionism and fear of failure.


You’ve reached the mid-point of our time together and it’s time to celebrate your progress, let loose, and have some fun.

I’ve got some special magic planned for you tonight, and you’ll notice a whole new energy crackling in the air now that everyone’s guard is down and their most beautiful selves are emerging. You’ve gotten much closer to your new peer group by now so this evening is a fabulous time to share your experiences and breakthroughs.


Who are the 5 most important people in your life? Today, I’ll teach you how to understand the interpersonal dynamics at play and improve your communication with them to get the most out of these key relationships.

And that’s not all…

Each of us has a complicated relationship with at least one person in our lives. Whether it’s a difficult boss, a strained friendship, a broken romance, or a just plain toxic family member, we’ll help you rebuild those relationships that are salvageable, and stop you from being emotionally impacted by the ones that have previously weighed you down.


This is the day when our entire Retreat program comes together in the most radically powerful way…

Get ready for a complete metamorphosis as you discover 3 ways to overcome your fears, smash through your negative emotions, change your state at will, build courage by taking risks, and develop self-worth at the very deepest level:

Core Confidence.

The guided exercise I take you through today is completely transformational. I’ve been told over and over again that words can’t do it justice, but here’s what one woman had to say:

“At the end of Day 5, I had a completely unexpected, life-changing breakthrough. There’s a heavy issue I’ve been dealing with since childhood, and I figured it was just something I’d have to carry with me forever. Not anymore! The final hour with you completely blew away everything I had accomplished in ten years of therapy. I finally feel free.” – Kathryn C.



This ‘Free Bonus’ day of live training, led by my brother Stephen, and my team of expert trainers, is an intimate immersion session focused on your love life.

This day will enable you to transfer all you have learned and experienced over the last 5 days and focus these strategies directly on finding and creating the amazing relationship of your dreams.

If you’ve never experienced my Get the Guy programs, this is the quickest way to learn my best tips for finding, attracting and keeping your Mr. Right.

But if you’re a fan of my YouTube coaching videos and have enrolled in any of my love life programs, this deep-dive into my best content will bring to life all of my online training so you can develop a complete mastery of my techniques. You’ll even take part in a lively Q & A session where you can ask your most burning questions about men and troubleshoot your own specific love life issues.

Now that you’ve finally achieved true Core Confidence, when you go home and apply these techniques, you’ll be amazed at the results!

We receive incredible feedback about this extra bonus day, and are confident you’ll agree it’s an invaluable addition to the 5 day retreat process you have just experienced.

There really are no words to describe how incredible the Retreat experience is, so we made you this video…

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Are You Ready To Claim Your Confidence and Transform Your Happiness?

Get A Sneak Peek
Into Our Past Events

My name is Ana and before I attended the Matthew Hussey Retreat, I was a codependent person who did not believe in the potential other people saw in me. I based my self-esteem on relationships or my education and profession.
The Retreat is an experience that I would recommend to any person that is struggling with their self-image and self-esteem. It changed my belief system at a deep level and helped me to reframe old wounds and identify the positive outcomes of them.
Three months after the Retreat, I began new work in a top industry where I am developing, growing and feeling appreciated. I began kickboxing classes (I am a green belt), and I began as a volunteer in a non-profit institution that works in the prevention of child abuse.
If you want to change your life and have a better relationship with yourself, I really encourage you to apply for the program, because it really is worth it.
– Ana C.

Will YOU Be One of the Few
Exceptional Women We Invite
to Attend My Next Retreat?

The Matthew Hussey Retreat is by invitation only.

It is my mission to deliver the best possible experience to every Retreat participant and create the ideal environment for personal growth.

That is why there is an interview process and why it is important to me that every woman who attends has been specifically chosen to be a part of each Retreat.

Why? Because I know why each person is coming, and I can be certain that everything we do will be directly relevant to her needs and desires.

My event is not for everyone. I’m looking for women who are ready for a personal transformation and are committed to making change happen alongside me at the Retreat.

If this sounds like you, please enter your details below and we will be in touch to schedule a consultation with one of my Retreat Specialists.

Best of luck and I hope to see you on the beach very soon!

Your coach,
Matthew xx


Terms and Conditions

After 30 years I can finally say – I do love myself!

This is one of the main takeaways and transformations I experienced in the Retreat process. I had this belief that I had to be perfect to be lovable. But that wasn’t the real me; that wasn’t a life I wanted. I wanted to break the wall that was holding me back once and for all! This transformation will always be with me and it can be yours, too.

Linda, Latvia

Do You Still Have Questions?
We Have Answers.

The Retreat takes place at the Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort and Spa from May 30th – June 5th. This stunning hotel is situated directly on the beach and is the perfect place to shut off from the world and focus on yourself. All coaching sessions and social activities take place on site at the resort.

We take care of your room booking for you in order to secure you the best possible room rate. This means you have absolutely nothing to organize besides your travel to the resort and don’t need to pay anything towards your room costs in advance. You simply pay your room balance directly to the hotel on check-out

The Retreat takes place over 6 nights. We encourage you to arrive the day before the program starts so that you can get settled into the hotel and join us for an exclusive welcome reception where you can meet Matthew, the team and other attendees the night before we get started.

Each day follows a similar structure, which runs as follows:
7am – 8am Morning movement on the beach
8am – 8:30am 30 minute guided gratitude meditation
8:30am – 10am Free morning time for breakfast and to get ready for the day
10am – 1pm AM coaching with Matthew
1pm – 3pm Lunch break
3pm – 6pm PM coaching with Matthew
6pm onwards Evening parties and social events

Most definitely, this program is designed to guide you through a proven process where you leave having put the work in. This isn’t about sitting back and simply listening, you’ll be actively participating in different journaling exercises, Q&A sessions, group workshops and powerful visualizations. You’ll not just leave the event with a completely different mindset and confidence, but also an actionable blueprint for the next chapter of your life.

Not only will there be the opportunity to have live Q&A within each of the daily sessions, but you’ll also have the opportunity to feed in your questions anonymously via a questions box. We collate all the pertinent questions and have Matthew answer them from the front of the room so everyone can get the benefits.

On top of the Q&A and group workshops, you’ll also have the opportunity to troubleshoot the content with my incredible Retreat Trainer’s during breakout sessions. They’ve been working with me for years and know the program inside out and are on hand to help guide you through the process.

Absolutely. The Matthew Hussey Retreat brings together extraordinary people from all over the world with a burning desire to transform their lives from the inside out. We encourage you to connect during this time as these people will be your new tribe and support system once the program finishes. That like mindedness and shared learning is so powerful for accountability and you’ll also be invited to join the private Facebook group so that you can stay in touch with your new tribe and support one another in the months that follow.

Whilst of course the Retreat process is designed to equip you with all the tools you need to go and create massive and real change in your life by yourself, you’ll also be given access to a series of momentum webinars designed to hit you where you’re at every quarter over the space of a year after the Retreat.

You’ll be speaking with one of my trusted Retreat Specialists. They are Emma, Michael and Lottie. These are some of my most trusted people and I can’t wait for you to speak with them. They’ve been working with me on this process for years and are on hand to hear your story. I promise, whatever the outcome, you’ll take value from the time you spend speaking with them.

I’ve spent years refining this process and it’s designed to go deep (often deeper than people are even expecting) into the core of who you truly want to be, which is why I have my team take people through this immersive experience personally. They’ll be able to share more with you about the transformative process, answer your questions and help you decide if the program is a good fit for you.

This is so much more than just a consultation, your call with one of my incredible specialist mentors will help you get clarity on your goals, the obstacles you want to overcome, and your direction for your future. This is your chance to open up and fully express your current frustrations and desires for change with my amazing Retreat Team.

Yes, your consultation with your Retreat Specialist is completely free of charge. Just be sure to enter your timezone and country dialling code correctly when making your appointment.

Alternatively they can contact you via Skype or WhatsApp if you’d prefer to use an internet based calling service.

Ready To Make An Investment
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