GetTheGuyLIVE 2014 – London + Manchester

London & Manchester! The First Stops Of The 2014 GetTheGuyLIVE Tour –

If you’re single and wondering why you never meet guys that you’re attracted to, or you seem always to attract the wrong guys, you’re not alone.

I know how frustrating and scary it can be feeling like time is passing you by. It’s that horrible feeling you get in your stomach when you feel like you’re wasting time. And this is all time that you could be spending with the man of your dreams! You have every right feel frustrated, but stick with me…

Allow me to let you in on something… There are several reasons why you’re not currently meeting the right kind of guys.

For most women it’s just one or two areas that are keeping them from the love life they want, and all they need to do to change things for good is to learn the tools to be able to identify these areas.

From years of experience in this area I know what’s stopping you from getting your IDEAL guy… and I’m going to show you how surprisingly simple it is to turn things around, get re-energised about this area, and back on track quickly. I want to invite you to be part of a live event that will show you the essential elements you need to take back control of your love life.

So what’s the GetTheGuy Live Tour all about?

GetTheGuy Live has two core elements to it:

1) The mindsets that get results in your love life
2) Practical strategies for implementing them in your life


There are mindsets and beliefs holding you back; beliefs about there not being guys left, beliefs that you’re not attractive enough, beliefs that he won’t stick around…

I want to show you how to get rid of these beliefs forever by giving you a practical approach to being proactive in a high-value way, without looking (nor feeling) desperate or needy.

I want you to get over the belief that ‘having an extraordinary love life is not possible’ – and give you a roadmap for making the extraordinary a reality.

Practical Strategies

I’m not someone who believes in just learning mindsets. We also need practical strategies – things you can do on a daily basis to change your love life.

In this event I answer the questions:

– “(I have no time right now) What can I do while going about my everyday life to start meeting more men?”

– “How can I get more guys to approach me?”

– “How can I find out if I have chemistry with a guy right from the off?”

Whether you’ve just come out of a relationship, whether you’ve been single for a while, or you’re trying to get the attention of a particular guy, this event will show you how to take things forward.

You’re going to come away with more ways of creating opportunities than you know what to do with (strategies that will work with both men you already know and men you come across and want to meet in the future).

What are some of the ‘strategies’
I’m going to learn at the event?

These 4-hour events are going to be jam-packed with tried and tested methods that are proven to get you out of your current rut and back into the dating scene with a BANG. Here’s just a snippet of what you will learn…

How to get back in control of your love life

  • Myths on dating and why women CAN take the driving seat – You’re going to take charge of your love life and start attracting guys EVERYWHERE
  • Why you should NEVER settle for anything – You will start opening up opportunities like never before
  • How to make things happen when you meet a guy you like – You will attract him, have INCREDIBLE dates and enjoy every moment with him
  • The ability to act and attract – simple but powerful attraction methods that will have men falling over themselves to meet you

Where to meet guys & attract the guys you want

  • Why it’s so difficult for you to meet men – You will finally understand what’s been stopping you
  • The simplest ways to meet quality guys… also the best places – Your weekends will be full of exciting meet-ups with new guys that you WANT to spend time with
  • Social circles and why you MUST have one that works for you – Gradually you will start to see a change in your life, new friends will appear, new opportunities and of course MORE men
  • Tips to attract guys and how to make the BIGGEST impact – Men will be asking you to go out, approaching you in every situation and wanting to meet up
  • What men are REALLY looking for in a partner – You will get that “AHA” moment and realise what you have been doing wrong all this time

The psychology of men – delving inside the male mind

  • Why men don’t commit and how to get him to commit – You will see a DRAMATIC change in him almost instantly
  • The reason why he won’t make the first move even though the chemistry is there – When you use one of our simple tips, he’ll jump at the chance to take you out!
  • What keeps men interested – NEVER AGAIN will you wonder why he won’t call you back, or contact you when you’ve had such a great time together

And much, much more.


  • What to do when you’re in a situation where all you do is give while he takes. (When you learn this you’ll know how to restore balance in any relationship so that you don’t explode with resentment!)
  • The last thing I’ll be teaching you on the events is how to overcome your own insecurities in relationships. Without this content, you could meet the right guy and still sabotage it. You HAVE to be there just for this.
  • It’s okay to be skeptical in reading all of this. Before seeing what the events can do, many women who come along are wary of what I can actually do to help. Take a chance in trying this and you’re going to leave with a whole new perspective on men and dating.

    My Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed:

    Matthew, I promise to give the GetTheGuyLIVE event my best effort. I’m going to listen intently to your first-hand advice and trainings, I’m going to participate in your exercises and give your methods my best effort.
    If I feel anything less than satisfied with your weekend event, I know that I can ask for a full refund of my investment. All I have to do is inform one of your customer service representatives during the day with my decision. I will receive a full refund within 14 days so even though I’m sure to love your event, I know my satisfaction is guaranteed!

    Event Details


    London – Saturday January 4th 2014, 1–5pm
    Manchester – Sunday January 5th 2014, 1–5pm


    London – VenueTK
    Manchester – VenueTK


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