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Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Discover During the FREE Dating With Results Training:

The 3 biggest mistakes people make when they’re trying to find love, and what to do to AVOID them. Stop wasting your precious energy on the wrong relationships and start investing where it’s reciprocated.

The simple framework that will take you from being single to a committed relationship that I’ve distilled from more than 15 years of coaching hundreds of thousands of people in their love lives.

The 4 stages of importance in a relationship. Hint: Phase 2 is where most people get stuck, and it’s probably what’s holding you back right now.

How to stop ignoring your needs as you obsess over someone who doesn’t give you the attention you deserve. PLUS: A word-for-word script you can use the next time a love interest reappears after weeks or months of no contact, looking to reconnect.

Why you need to rewrite the narrative around your love life if you want to create real change (+ how to do it).

How to rewire your brain to STOP CHASING and start ATTRACTING quality people. No more time-wasters, situationships, or emotionally unavailable people.

The Dating With Results Training Was Made for You IF You’re…



You’re seeing someone, but it’s not progressing into a committed relationship.

You want to build a life together and need to know whether the person you’re with is as ready to invest in you as you are in them.

You might find yourself saying . . .

“What can I do to make sure it’s clear I’m looking for commitment and not a situationship?”

“How can I tell them I want them to commit without scaring them off?”



The endless texting, dates that go nowhere, and faded connections—you’re over feeling rejected and ready to date someone who won’t mess you around.

You might find yourself saying . . .

“How does anyone even go from dating to finding a real connection nowadays?” 

“How do I find someone who wants what I want?”



You’re ready to meet your person, but don’t know how to stand out to those you’re romantically interested in.

And when you do meet someone, it’s SO hard to get it off the ground.

You might find yourself saying . . .

“Why is it that people I have chemistry with never want anything serious?” 

“It seems easy for everyone else to find love. Why is it so hard for me?”



Things didn’t work out between you and someone else. You really believed you would be with them long-term, and that hurts . . .

But you’re ready to heal and give love a chance again, only this time, you want to do it right.

You might find yourself saying . . .

“How can I trust myself to choose the right person this time?” 

“How do I stop ruminating on the past?”

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Hello, and welcome to a place where you don’t need to feel an ounce of shame for being single, looking for love, wanting love, or not knowing how to find a love that feels right to you.

I’m Matthew Hussey, and I’ve spent 15 years helping people find love through my New York Times best-selling book, sold-out live seminars, online coaching programs, and training videos.

Dating With Results is the synthesis of what I’ve learned after working with hundreds of thousands of people, and it’s all yours completely FREE for a limited time.