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The 30-Day Confidence Challenge

Make the next 30 days the MOST progress you've ever made!

Here's what you can expect in this free training...

  • Simple habits to hold you accountable - You’ll get my favorite, specific missions we’ll all do together so we can keep each other on track over the next 30 days. (Never lose focus on your goals and make your success automatic!)
  • Essential tools for deep inner confidence - A full break-down of the 3 layers of confidence and how to integrate them so you can make progress every single day.
  • Powerful techniques to control your emotions - Tap into the ENERGY and INSPIRATION and be the master of your own inner state.
  • Unpack deep self-love and level up your happiness -Work on your inner self-esteem so you can approach your career and relationships with total power and break free of your old beliefs.

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"Earlier this week I completed mission 3 and had the conversation I wanted to make for so long but was afraid of doing that. Thank you Matthew Hussey and team for this whole challenge and helpful tips, I've followed them and it actually went better than I expected. For me it was worth taking part in this program even for this one little success alone. And thank you everyone for this supportive and encouraging community! Let's keep it up."

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Aviya C.

Matthew Hussey

Matthew Hussey is a New York Times bestselling author, relationship and confidence coach, podcaster, and international speaker whose resources—including a YouTube channel with more than 288 million views—and live events have enabled millions to nurture their love lives as well as their love for life.

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